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2008-06-13 20:38:55 by randompedestrian

I am pleased to announce that i have ditched my madness project for now, it is still at 40sec., and am now working on a movie called randomtoast with a little bit of madness mixed in lolerz look for it.


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2008-06-17 21:18:24

Seriously, why would you comment bad on my animation, look at yours, madness sprites, with copy and pasted explosions,/

I realy dont want to make a fight but i am looking to take this up as a profession, im 13 years old, I think im pretty damn good.

randompedestrian responds:

i want to also but that was the first video that i tried to make alright, the other two were supposed to be bad. also i never said mine was good i just said that it was bad.


2008-06-25 17:24:27

If you co-author it with me then I will be sure to vote 5 on it everyday. ; )


2008-06-25 17:25:09

And by co-author I mean I do absolutely nothing and you just add my name to it.

randompedestrian responds:



2008-06-25 17:39:35

I meant that you if co-author me to your new movie then I will vote 5 on it every day so it has a good score. I am actually no good at flash, so I wouldn't actually do any work, but I can make your score higher. Or don't you know how to co-author?

randompedestrian responds:

ya... but i am working on a collab right now with yoshi brains. hopefuly it will become a series.


2008-06-25 19:44:29

Alright, then don't worry about it man. I actually just got a job writing for a flash animation today.

randompedestrian responds:

what you mean?


2008-06-27 13:36:53

That sucks i felt like helping you on the taco maddness thing.

oh well :\

randompedestrian responds:

still can


2008-06-27 16:08:07

I'm trying to make a Madness Liveswif a frame a day. It's gonna take ages XD

randompedestrian responds:

frame a day. that would be boring!


2008-06-28 02:11:14

just curious, is your user pic there the extent of your drawing ability?

randompedestrian responds:

that took me thirty seconds. more time to photo shop out the lines from the paper and find the red than to actually draw it.